William Mulrow Offers Expertise in Public Finance

Westchester County relies on tax revenues to support its operations. Corporations and business that open plants or other operations bring jobs and tax revenues to Westchester. Attracting businesses to establish operations in Westchester or encouraging growing business to stay in the county is the job of the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency.

 The Westchester  IDA evaluates a corporation’s needs and can offer assistance through a wide range of funding options and tax exemptions that can make Westchester County an attractive place to do business. As former chairman of the IDA, William Mulrow knows how vital the agency is to Westchester County.

William Mulrow Supports the Work of the NAACP in New York

The New York State Conference of the NAACP has worked for 75 years to promote civil rights advocacy throughout the state on a broad agenda of issues. The NAACP in New York has organized marches from New York City to the state capitol in Albany to demonstrate to elected officials the public support that exists for civil rights issues.

 William Mulrow has committed himself to public service and helping to make freedom and equality realities for all citizens of New York and the nation. The New York NAACP recognized the work Mulrow has done when it honored him with the Roy Wilkins Humanitarian Award.

William Mulrow Supports Affordable Mortgages for Home Buyers

First-time homebuyers are essential to restoring the health of the housing market following years of decline. The State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA) offers mortgage programs with low interest rates, low minimum down payments, down payment assistance and no prepayment penalty to individuals or couples purchasing a home for the first time.

 As SONYMA Chairman, William Mulrow knows that the agency’s programs to finance homes for veterans and active duty military personnel and other segments of the population that might not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a home are important to the people and the economy of New York.